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The Plug is a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
"Just got some free Travis Scott tix from the plug at Live tryna go?"
by BulFromUptownPhilly April 24, 2016
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The plug is your supplier, basically your drug dealer. Common word used in Atlanta
"The plug just called and said he got some more gas bruh"
by SusQueen June 02, 2014
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Someone In Which Has The Access To All Things They Should And Sells Them For The low.
"How Did You Get Those So Soon"

"The Plug"
by ThickyMinaj June 08, 2016
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The first shit you take following a long night of drinking. The plug is usually a hard shit and clears the passage for the whiskey shits that will plague you the rest of the day.
Man, I just dropped the plug. I'm probably gonna have to go back for round two in about 15 minutes.
by struggleandgrunt April 07, 2010
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A term black people use to describe something or someone that is or does something fucking cool.
"Yo, check out this dank dank I just got"
"Oh shit nigga! You the plug."
by @fuckmeimratchet February 05, 2012
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