A faneto is defined as a wild mythological creature believed to be discovered in the 21st century and descended from the troll, Fanetos are known to wear Nightly Clothing ranging from pajamas to hoodies and to snatch peoples chains, wristwatches and shoes. If you believe you have seen one please alert your local authorities.
by Punchywunchy January 25, 2017
To grind or hustle to get what you wished for, synonym for hustle
I faneto on these streets
by Ramzy August 13, 2017
JBY Faneto is an upcoming Drill, HipHop and RnB Artist from the Hill$. He produces, mixes and masters all of his songs and the crazy thing about him is that he was 16 when he started releasing his music.
Me: Bro, you heard of Vroom by JBY Faneto?
Homie: Yeah, that song be goin' crazy
by ChiraqDrillah November 25, 2020
legit the best fucking roblox audio making group ever, it consists of badmortal dailynotfound, jackoslasha and luslamane
did you here about faneto gang?

Yeah why?
Bro, they are fucking cool as shit
by DASHIESUNCLE April 29, 2021