Fakery=Shit That Aint Tight(person who committed the act-their respectability)
see also; FakeryTheta=degree of fakage
Michael faked on giving me some money. Fakery=Not giving me money(Michael-small degree of respectability)
by Jskull/NB April 23, 2009
A "bakery" or "coffee shop" or other "small business" that is a front for a drug dealer, used to launder money and provide more interesting means of drug consumption.
Him: Man, my guy won't return my call.
Me: It's aight yo, I know this fakery, we can get some brownies.
by Dreucifer September 1, 2006
A bakery which misleadingly sells thawed frozen goods, pre-processed goods or baked goods made off-premises.
The cake I bought at the fakery was definitely a frozen cake, it didn't taste very fresh.
by dollar bill yallz February 18, 2017
When you look in a bakery case filled with spectacular looking desserts no one could resist , only to find when you taste them there is no flavor. Usually found in diners with baking on the premises.
I blew 1,000 calories on a cream filled pie from the Fakery case in that all night diner in town !
by susabar August 9, 2010
A shop that sells fake desserts.
I bought a dozen sugar-free cookies and a mock apple pie at the fakery.
by BasicJay August 7, 2011
The art of being a fake bitch. Or bastard. Or douche. If he or she is excellent at being a fake, he or she commits fakery.
Janella is so good at fakery. I can't believe she was such a fake!
by Athere Madrijo October 6, 2011
Someone who acts fake to other ppl in certain situations.
Mary Bashi Is The Fakeries When Shes With Those Eastside Bitches
by Cuuuute May 13, 2006