when bitches go to tanning salons to get thier tans, because they cant move their lazy asses outside and get a real one
Lorry: did you see that girl?
Bob: the one with the fake bake?
by you do not know me..... May 03, 2003
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incense and potpourri, synthetic marijuana that fucks you up...good
also known as herbal incense, packages say not intended for human consumption but 2 tears in a bucket n fuck it.
klimax kush Fake-Bake
by WCKDHAz3d1305 April 24, 2013
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Some one who takes one hit of a joint and claims to be baked, even though you know they didn't even inhale.
Person 1:"Did you see how dumb Holly acted after she took that hit?"
Person 2:"Yeah she's totally a fake bake!"
by Count Cockula April 24, 2008
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