When you go down on a girl, and you pretend to be eating her out, but really you are rubbing her vagina with your finger, and making noises like you are eating her out.
I gave Hannah fake chow last night, and she didn't even notice!
by Tray dog January 3, 2011
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Fake Chow is when you are going to perform cunninlingus on a woman, but either a) You were never really in the mood to go down on her because she hasn't shaved for a few weeks or b) You got a whiff of her bearded clam and had already reached the point of no return and in doing so you began the Fake Chow. Using your fingers as your tongue and making lip smacking noises as if you are enjoying some of Uncle Ho's famous Kung Pao Chicken.
Went to go down on this broad I picked up from The Mirage but her snatch smelled like Bob Marley's Dreadlock's boiled in a Curry broth so in a snap decision I gave her the Fake Chow.
by Daddy Diesel April 11, 2011
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When your lady wants her loins lapped like Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar on a warm summer day. However, you prefer to keep your lunch in your stomach where it belongs. So you make slurping/misleading mouth play noises whilst performing Chopin’s waltz in C sharp minor with your index finger on her clitoris.
“Ableebedoobahbedoobah” said David after delivering a bout of fake chow. The act was done with the grace of a ballet dancer but the ferocity of a Nile crocodile. Not an ounce of trickery was detected throughout the false cuisine.
by dlane123456 January 31, 2022
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Fake Chowed - When acting like you are eating a girl out; Using only your fingers, with your head cocked to the side one the girls thigh (so you have the ability to breath), while making a cartoon sound with your tounge flickering it up and down in your mouth.= untill you make the bitch cummm.
I fake chowed the DJ's mom last night!
by TOPHER816 June 23, 2011
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Today my wife accused me of fake chowing...wow I thought I was doing it right all this time...
by Mary Jane Jones July 14, 2011
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The act of pretending to eat a woman out.
Father: So today your mother accused me of "fake chowing." What the hell is that?

Son: Really dad? You pretended to go down on her? Isn't this something you should be telling Uncle Howard anyway?
by Blue Ophelia June 5, 2011
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To Trick a girl into thinking you are licking her pussy by using your fingers instead and making le le le le sound with your mouth. Used Alot when a ugly girl wants chow and there is no way out of it.
Dude1: This ugly ass girl wanted me to chow her last night!
Dude2: Did you?!
Dude1: No i just fake-chowed her.
by TyTyBBs December 25, 2011
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