Being someone like or close to Aymen
Aymen added an iphone ringtone to his redmi note 8, what a failure
by WailB June 4, 2021
Parker... Just cause he’s Parker 🤷🏽 ♂️
“Man Parker is such a failure
by Failure2345 February 5, 2018
The name given to a group of city workers. (Similar to a group of wildcats; called a destruction, but not to be confused with a group of wildebeests; called a confusion )
Look at that failure, all dressed in orange coveralls and leaning on their shovels.

That's the third failure we've passed today; blocking traffic and all of them standing around looking in a hole.
by emohdeer October 2, 2020
Willa. Just Willa. If you have a friend named Willa then you should
Gosh Brittany, you're such a Failure (Willa)
by RandomGamer9737 October 21, 2020