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Someone named Brayden is very unique. He takes every chance he can to make someone else smile. Even if he feels as though everything is falling apart, he puts others first. He has a smile that can give you butterflies instantly, a laugh that could make you happy in an instant, and perfectly colored eyes. He is shy unless he is around someone he is close with or someone who is special to him. Brayden has and incredible sense of humor and knows how to make anyone laugh. He absolutely loves kids and is going to make a great father one day. The way he plays with puppies is also adorable. If you somehow manage to have Brayden, you want to give him your whole heart, because he will treat it better than gold. Brayden will wholeheartedly adore you, if you are his and he will respect you, stand by you, be there for you, pick on you, be there for you, and cherish you. Hold onto Brayden, because he’s more than perfect.
Girl(1): Hey what happened to make you start smiling so much?
Girl (2): Brayden came into my life and I have never been more thankful for someone.
by Peanut:) May 13, 2018
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Brayden is the name of a quiet boy, but has a huge heart and laughs a ton! Brayden is athletic, but a huge gamer and will do whatever it takes to win his match. He’s humorous, trustworthy, reliable and always there for you! He’d make the perfect best friend and the perfect partner! He has his ups and downs, but won’t let his attitude get in anyone’s way.
Brayden is super cool
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The best guy you will ever meet.he's everything a girl can wish for. usually brown hair ,blue eyes, & tall. he only likes girls who r like him and know how to make him laugh. he hates being cheated on. but will be sexual with you at any given time. he will treat u with respect , but can be an ass on occasions. he very sensitive and outgoing about his feelings.
Aye i found me a brayden!
by your dork:) May 14, 2010
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Brayden is very hot. He is sweet and very smart. Brown hair brown eyes and a good smile. He seems like an ass but really isn’t once you know him. He gets hung up on one girl for a while. But that’s ok because you shouldn’t want to let him go. He’s the perfect guy. He knows who’s nice and a jerk. He’s on me of the guys who acts all mean and though but really is sweet
Girl 1: Have you seen Brayden today he looks so cute
Girl 2: he’s an ass
Girl 1: You should talk to him he really isn’t🤤
by Can’tknowme October 11, 2018
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Brayden means a good loverand a great kisser. A brayden is a boy who is very sexy and handsome alot of girls are crazy for him but a braydenwill come across a girl who would not not seem really special nor really beautiful but she will be perfect, different and unique. A brayden may not like her but she will be crazy for him and will never stop loving him even if the world stops her . A brayden loves soccer and is really good at it most people like him but most boys are jealous of him .A brayden most likely every girl's dream boy and her crush but there will be a girl who is made for him and will love him her whole life which is called true love.A brayden is very unlucky if he let go the girl who is made for him.The girl who is made for (brayden) will belong from a different (country) or (region).
" he is really sexy I'm pretty sure he is brayden "!.
" it was my first kiss!,he is definitely a brayden ".
Is she the one made for brayden,she is very different and has a crush on brayden.
by One you don't know June 05, 2017
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