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A person who will pry you away from a conversation and talk to you alone for a very long time about things that don't interest you, like the civil war or advanced economics. If someone attempts to rescue you from this Fagaling, the Fagal will stop him/her without fail. Watch out for the Fagal at parties, because there is no escape.
Also can be used to describe the act of being imprisoned by the Fagal.
Jake: "Man, I was good to go with that chick last night, but I got Fagaled something fierce, and next thing I know she's gone."
Fred: "Shit, you gotta watch out for those motherfuckers."
by givemesobe December 03, 2006
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A person who is a tool but the next level up.Someone who tends to try to hard to be funny but fails and is rejected from the group cause of it.A major cock block.
Mike:Dude john just became a fagal
Mike:He just tryed so hard to make us laugth that he failed so bad

Don:crap he is a fagal
by kingkongillc July 14, 2009
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A person who is so into a lie they believe it themselves
Jarrett: Karen you want me
Karen: No i dont Jarrett you're a fagal
by babakunoosh February 16, 2009
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