Something that is so true facts isn’t enough.
Him: Yeah, that girls a hoe.

Me: Factuals...🤷🏼 ♀️
by Ndinsi November 3, 2018
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When something’s is just a straight up fact.
Yo eman that kid is gay
by Idk123490 January 21, 2021
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The words (Fact) and (Actually) fused into one. You can use factually when defending your statement or opinion with straight facts.
Bro.. the earth is flat and I know it
Bruhh, factually, it’s not
by MATTinFir May 10, 2019
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A statement that is perceived as the truth by a person or a body of people.
"I AM NOT GAY"--- factual statement said by George Micheal
by Matt Wood woody November 19, 2007
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To mislead by seeming to give proof to an unproven theory or conjecture.

Factualization is usually accomplished by highlighting the portions of a theory that align with the desired outcome of the factualization while omitting and/or downplaying the portions of the theory that do not.

Factualization is generally practiced by a lawyer, a politician, a con man and/or a used car salesman. A person who is proficient at the art of factualization is known as a spin doctor.
The speaker had some strong arguments which seemed to factualize his position that global warming is a hoax, even though he never mentioned that the polar ice caps are melting.
by Doc_Iggy June 21, 2011
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To drop some factz on a foo. A longer version of factz meant to sound more intelligent when talking to a foo.
"Ey bruh I heard Chris mom gives the best head on the block" -Mr.Sins
"Brah you dropping factualities in this bitch"-Juanjemin
"HUH?!" -Chris
by thesammyowl August 18, 2021
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It’s another word used for a fact but it’s only used if you’re bad😎
by Immaturityyy January 4, 2020
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