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The act of leaving or “dipping” away from a situation. It’s also a bounce.
Ayo Dill, lets billy bounce
Aight Billy, let’s bounce *bounces*
by MATTinFir February 19, 2019

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The words (Fact) and (Actually) fused into one. You can use factually when defending your statement or opinion with straight facts.
Bro.. the earth is flat and I know it
Bruhh, factually, it’s not
by MATTinFir May 09, 2019

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The equivalent to the word “shitty” or “damn”. Used in the context of talking with a friend. You could also describe them as being ani.
Yo, my dool really hurt out here
Damn bro, that’s hella ani.

Bro, should I bone this hot chick?
Nah, she’s ani, she prolly has rabies.
by MATTinFir February 20, 2019

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BBJ, also known as the Bummy Bum Jams is a secret association that is planning to destroy all anti-BBJ’s with their annoying, smelly, and awkward presence.
Yo, Difek BBJ incoming, let’s dip
Omg bro these BBJ’s are always ruining the moment!
by MATTinFir June 19, 2019

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An acronym for:
What’s the plan?
What’s the plot?
Where’s the party?

Can be used with friends on text to make it easier to text and reply.
Yo Aaron, WTP?
Matt, bro idk no one wants to hang.

Yo Aaron, WTP?
Matt, bro idk they haven’t sent the addy
by MATTinFir August 26, 2019

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