A relatively recent term/word which is simply an alternative spelling/pronunciation of the word supremacist. According to a few online dictionaries the words have essentially the same meaning and are simply variations of a word which means "someone who believes in the ultimate authority or supremacy of one race, nationality, gender, orientation, etc. It's use probably stems from a difficulty or lack of motivation in pronouncing the word supremacist.
People who think only Caucasians should be the only race to get full rights and privelages of being a US citizen may be labeled as a white supremist.
by Adolf Allerbush February 26, 2016
A female who claims to be a feminist, however, she is not as she believes in ultimate authority and control over men. Commonly identified also as Femi-Nazis.
"The girl I met the other day was totally a Female Supremist, she was telling me how she thinks all women should always get paid higher than men."
by Madridd June 26, 2018
a subtitle supremist is an anime fan who not only frowns on an english dubbed anime, but they go all out hating most to all english dubbed anime, they may shame or condescend others for watching english dubs .
person A: "I think Yu Yu Hakusho is better subbed and in fact you should avoid the dub like the plague."
person B: "What are you? A subtitle supremist?? i understand some dubs are horrible, but dang! Yu Yu Hakusho's dub cast did a great job.
by WPBhillbilly March 19, 2018
A phrase that in definition describes someone who believes that people with white skin are inherently better than people with non-white skin.

However, this is used today by some to describe anyone and everything that goes against Marxist teachings
Person A: The Nation should only be inhabited by white people
Person B: You Are a white supremist

Person C: I believe that I should be able to just live my life and as long as I'm not harming someone I'm fine.
Person B: You Are a white supremist
by goodisfed November 8, 2021