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A climot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions about how the climate works. Refusing to even acknowledge others beliefs, climoted people are so close-minded they resort to name calling while projecting their own prejudices on others. I find it discomforting that climotry and climofobia even exists in this age of information available to all at the stroke of a key.
My climoted boyfriend believes the sun controls the weather more than man changes it, he's such a climot. I don't know where he got his climotry and climofobia from. Climot, Climoted, Climotry, Climofobia.
by 2B+ September 12, 2020
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Any land based vehicle that operates without a driver.
Hey Bill, lets take my autodrone, we can play poker on the way.
by 2B+ March 03, 2015
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It's a funding website where people can donate money to destroy people they don't like.
Did you hear what that asshole said about me on the news last night. Will you support me if I start a gofuckme campaign to bankrupt his ass?
by 2B+ April 25, 2015
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Used to describe what happens when the teleprompter goes blank while a speaker is reading from it, the words uttered after that are almost always improper.
Did you hear the imprompter words spoken by the president last night, I'll bet they fired the teleprompter operator immediately.
by 2B+ August 10, 2013
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What it was like to be naughty in the not to distant past, when a casual gesture or word was thought of as funny and a little naughty, not like today when it might considered sexist or sexual discrimination.
My lady co-worker giggled over my retronaughty advances but my boss said it was sexist.
by 2B+ April 06, 2015
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A reckless person who profits from hate.
I think proflihaters deserve to be heard, but they shouldn't profit from it.
by 2B+ April 20, 2015
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Speech Police are do-gooder individuals or government officials who correct or silence others when they speak their minds when using banned or disparaging words.
The speech police are actively correcting anyone who say it's a chinese virus.
by 2B+ March 21, 2020
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