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something you claim someone has if you strongly dislike them.
dude, my bf got faceraped by Nai, and now he has aiiiiids

she doesnt have real aids, she has aiiiiids
by Aloysha April 25, 2009
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when you put excessive pictures of old people (particularly grans, if it is a males possesions)somewhere hidden for someone to find at a later date. usually in a possesion which wil be carried around, such as a wallet.

The pictures are usually small so that they
will not be found until embarressing moments (see example). Also quite commonly cuttings from old peoples magazines or adverts.
guy 1: dude, i totally gran spiked you yesterday, i cant believe you didnt find those pictures in your wallet until today!

guy 2: yeah, i was mega embarressed, the woman serving me at the checkout gave me well dodgy looks when those pictures of grans flew out my wallet when i went to pay, so thanks for that!
by Aloysha April 27, 2009
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someone who has been a housewife for many years and they have become fat and unattractive, even if they used to be thin and attractive. They no longer knows what is going on in the outside world so become incredibly self centred and believe that their non existant problems actually matter. So are very boring, ugly and fat. If their husband has any sense, will get a divorce.
guy 1: dude his mum is so not a milf
guy 2: no shes a total stupid housewife
guy 1: guess we will have to find a new house to hang out in!

My wife has become a total stupid housewife, im filing for divorce so i can get a new model!
by Aloysha April 27, 2009
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when someone is kissed against their will and their entire mouth is violated
dude, my bf got faceraped, and now he has aiiiiiids
by Aloysha April 25, 2009
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when having sex, the man penetrates the women (or man) anally in the spooning position
last night we tried the dirty spoon....

he dirty spooned me, he said it was an accident :(
by Aloysha May 11, 2009
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