Free Beat Down, or a beat down given to someone for free
I gave that punk-ass nug an FBD for the low low price of free 99
by MJMizzle September 2, 2006
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Free-Body Diagram
A picture, drawn in physics classes, that shows each force acting on an object. The object is usually shown by a dot, and only shows the forces acting on THAT object, hence the name, "free-body" diagram.
Let's just draw a FBD on the board here of a ball rolling down a ramp
by flash2lightning June 28, 2009
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-Fucking Bored Day
-Fucking Boring Day

An expresion used when your day sucks!
I have a FBD

FBD dude!
by Sky Zer0 November 12, 2010
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FBD = full blown drunk

When you've gone past the point of tipsy and on your way to total slurring.
Krissy: oh I couldn't have another drink. I'm already tipsy.
Adam: Tipsy?!?!?!? You're FBD!!!!
by zjmj7 June 9, 2010
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FBD or Fuck Boy Disease is when a girl gets attached to a fuckboy after him 'hitting her up' or 'sliding into her dm's'.
Him: Hey girl 👅
Me: *to self* "Not trying to catch a case of FBD!"
by kcn April 17, 2017
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Ex: "Hey look its FBD." "Hey look, she is on FBD lap." "FBD"
by WeSeeFBDThruTheWindow April 26, 2011
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