Any device that can access the internet and, consequently, facebook; especially when referencing a smart phone
Jenny failed math because she spent every class playing with her facebook machine.
by Dr D Rock November 21, 2010
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A computer primarily designed to browse sites like Facebook instead of doing proper work on.
The new Macbook is a $1000 Facebook Machine.
by CloudZephyr June 2, 2015
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a device device which was used prior to modern computing for the sole purpose of accessing Facebook
guy1: yo this Facebook machine rocks
guy2: aah i got an iPhone for that
by totaditopjk June 8, 2015
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A laptop used solely for the purpose of checking facebook. All it needs is a folder for pictures and internet explorer/firefox.

A person will see a laptop around, and identify it as a 'portable facebook machine'

Often times, people who are facebook whores sit together and use their portable facebook machines and stalk the same cute person of the opposite gender.
Chris: yo let me use your portable facebook machine!!
Shyam: my what?
Chris: your laptop!
Shyam: whatever queer
by g-diggity November 4, 2007
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