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The destruction of Facebook by interloping Baby Boomers.
Ever since FaceBoom, Facebook has nearly the same appeal as attending a child's birthday party.
by timesize July 13, 2010
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For when facepalm just isn’t enough…

For when headdesk just doesn’t say it all…

Person 1 - Oh gosh, I just love this new computer. But what is this "Internet Explorer" thing on my screen?

Person 2 - wow n00b u dont even no the internet? **FACEBOOM**
by **faceboom** March 04, 2010
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a sexual act in which the nose is inserted into the anus, stimulating it to the point of fecal excretion
Despite the clean up, her faceboom was so worth it!!!
by KayJayGouda August 18, 2008
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