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When you bomb a friend in notifications suddenly on facebook.
FACEBOOM! you now have 40 notifications
by OhWhat? June 29, 2011

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When you flip past disney channel and somehow and up watching it and cant turn away for 10 minutes
My uncle was watching tv and got disney-channel-syndrome for 20 minutes
by OhWhat? November 02, 2010

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(v). When someone walks up and smashes your icecream cone in your nose.
Hey did you see that chick just get Nose-Creamed? Yeah man that was hillarious.
by OhWhat? July 10, 2010

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3 day old armpit hair that is short and sharp
That woman that was dancing has stubble pits
by OhWhat? July 31, 2010

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(n) When something is rediculusly bouncy.
Man, that rubber ball was so Budonculus
by OhWhat? July 04, 2010

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