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Faby is the kindest girl you will ever meet. Almost to a fault. She will give you her jacket during a blizzard and take a brutal stabbing for you. She is hella loyal and hella cute.
"How can you trust her so easily with your private thoughts bro?"
"Don't worry she's a Faby. She got ma back."
by zombibunni08 November 09, 2015
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Having a fake pregnancy for the purposes of jealousy, attention and/or social gains
" Oh I can't drink I got one the tha oven ". "Shit, you ain't got no baby, you got a faby ".
by ThaBeez December 22, 2011
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Faby is the kind of girl to flirt around with your boyfriend and not care if you're standing there staring at them. She creeps up and takes what doesn't belong to her, someone need to set that hoe straight
Faby is trick I saw her flirting with my man last night
by ihatehoes August 10, 2008
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morbidly obese babies. these are the children that make you think holy crap, that thing could eat me..
Did you see that fabies? they came and ate my chicken while I was at mcdonalds..
by kylexxchaos September 20, 2010
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fake babies; doll stand-ins for babies in films/movies
"She screamed at the screen as the cannibal drained the juice out of a plump baby. I put my arm around her and whispered 'relax, its a movie, they use fabies.'"
by Professor Strongsilver December 02, 2009
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Fabies is a shortened version of fur babies. Pets such as dogs and cats that are very well loved. Can also be Faby for singular. Owners identify as pet parents more than just an owner.
I love my fabies so much, Iā€™m gonna give them extra treats and tummy rubs.


My faby is precious.
by Amelia Starling April 08, 2019
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