First world problems. Problems that only happen to people who reside in the first world.
My GPS ran out of batteries and I misplaced the Ambien, I have FWP.
by datavortex April 29, 2010
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First World Problems. Problems that people who live in first world countries have.

The website Reddit has a subreddit for this.
My dvd collection is full of scratches. FWP
by MoistButternut June 25, 2011
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Acronym for Fuckin White People.

Crazy white people who perform hairbrained stunts to impress people, usually frat guys or dropouts. See Jackass
Truman: What was the last thing the FWP said before he died?
Glen: I don't know, what?
Truman: Dude! Check this shit out!
by Elite CAT July 2, 2008
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(1) To intentionally copulate a member of the opposite sex who is both married and obese without expectation of reciprocation.

(2) To disprove a suspected prinny or flatspot.
"Dude what happened last night with that married cow you brought over?"

"Oh, nothing really. We hung out for a while, I made sure she was satisfied, and we went to sleep."

"Oh man! You FWPed the shit out of her!!"
by Gerald789 January 13, 2009
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Fat Wife Potential - A girl who might look good now but has a good chance of getting fat later in life... especially after getting married.

Usual indicators are found in the ankles and cheeks in particular
Yeah maybe now, but she has FWP written all over her, look at her ankles man, those are ready to spread!
by KosherK June 14, 2010
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"This is for Rachel, you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch..." - voicemail to Rachel who is an FWP
by eraser.ass October 19, 2019
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Acronym for Fucking White People

Usually used in reference to stereotypical white Americans doing obviously stupid things such as electing Donald Trump or attempting to drive a miniature speed boat in an inflatable pool well drunk.
"Dude I just saw some fwp buying 6 Code Red cases at Costco."
by Kiberman August 5, 2017
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