Asshole's that don't respect your privacy and annoy you with unwanted texts, Emails, phonecalls, voicemails and visits.
I wish there wasn't so many FUCKHEADS in my life, sometimes I just want to be left alone.
by jpg3 December 2, 2010
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fuckhead one who is a fuck and a shithead used when shithead alone is not offensive enough and stronger profanity is acceptable and you are not afraid to call someone a really foul name
dude wheres my goddamn fleets fuckhead

man i have not seen your goddamn fleets and i dont know what you are talking about fuckhead

dude you fuckhead you where the last one to see my goddamn fleets

man you better back off or youre gonna see more than goddamn fleets fuckhead

dude are threatening me

yes man im threatening you back off

wow dude youre really uptight

what do you expect fuckhead

wow dude i get you
by littlejimmie March 21, 2019
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A person who is a complete moron and/or pisses someone off.
The guy working at McDonald's is a fuckhead.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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1.)One who is a dickhead at every waking moment of his/her life, is therefore upgraded to being a fuckhead.
2.)One who cares so little for something that he should dearly care for.
3.)A boss
The boss just came in and jumped all over me for not writing this report, what a fuckhead.
by Joe <33 June 30, 2005
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1. Person who pissed you off.
2. Person who is an idiot.
3. Person who you do not like.
4. Person who does not think before they act.
"that fuckhead just cut me off"
"I can't believe that fuckhead just said that"
"I just can't stand that fuckhead"
by Jimmy Bohemen December 5, 2005
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1) A person of shitty intelligence and/or judgment.
2) One whose head has been fucked repeatedly by a person, place, thing, or idea.
3) A widely-circulated fake video found on P2P file-sharing programs such as KaZaa featuring a balding fuckhead (definition #1) thrusting his cranium into a fake plastic vagina.
4) A penis or phallic object of some kind.
5) The president of the United States.
1) John is a stupid, hotdogging fuckhead.
2) Hip-hop music and an incident with a loaded shotgun has made John a fuckhead.
3) When John tried to emulate the fuckhead on his own girlfriend, he found it would not work.
4) Cindy started sucking my massive and beautiful fuckhead.
5) Fuckhead is not my president.
by BleezeMonkey August 9, 2003
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1. noun. Fu-k-hed: One that miserably fails in all attempts to achieve anything, ever.
2. Someone who is perpetually shitty, and wastes time doing shitty, useless things. (i.e. Facebook, eat, stall, and procrastinate...)
Let's take a quick five minute nap. I have a huge paper due tomorrow morning." *3 hours later* "Oh shit....we're such fuckheads.
by JamBanana November 13, 2010
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