Succeeding at an improbable task, such as looking sexy in red cowboy boots. While being male. And being (previously) presumed to be straight.
This look I'm rockin'? I am pulling it off.
by mgdu September 9, 2008
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To get something done.
"Like a leper in a porno theater, I'll pull it off."
by Oke Dizzle May 14, 2005
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The female audience at a CFNM party expects the male stripper to pull it off which the guy does by whacking off, jerking off, or jacking off completely naked, usually with no shirt and his pants at half-mast.
by TossBoy March 17, 2009
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Having a wank
Alright lads, I'm just going to pull one off
by Lad10 November 3, 2013
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To masturbate a male until he ejaculates. Can be said of oneself or another male.
My girlfriend pulled me off last night.
by DarthTroop3r July 10, 2022
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Someone that looks good when they wear or have a certain style.
Wow , he can pull off that hair style
by Jace_guitar February 20, 2018
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when playing guitar, playing a certain fret, then on the same string, sliding down the neck (lower # fret) to play a different note without plucking/picking the string again.
the next measure is several pull-offs from 3 to 1 on the low e string
by Anarchy is Order March 23, 2004
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