1. The Holy Grail of cafeteria food. The biggest snack of the snacks, one might describe it as filling. Warning: will hawk you to repay all outstanding debts and will snatch food out of your hands. Makers of sacred tater puffs and chocolate covered pretzels.

2. An incredibly influential secret world power
Carter: “Yo you seen that new student...she lookin like a snack from FLIK

Kimmi: "yo hmu with those flik digits."
by thinkmanthink April 16, 2019
Character in the Suikoden series of games. Known as "Blue Lightning Flik", he is a roguish-looking man who wears a blue robe and bandanna, has spiky hair and wields a sword.

He's in love with Odessa who... well I won't spoil the story but suffice to say this motivates his role in the original Suikoden game. Assumed dead at the end, he reappears intact for Suikoden II - intact enough to be stalked by Nina the Greenhill student throughout most of the game...

He has a lightning rune and so can use lightning magic, hence his nickname.
Nina: Sir Flik! Where are you, Sir Flik?!

Flik: ..................
by Andy May 16, 2004
An amazing person, Usually accompanied by a clone or another form of friend. Usually a dancer or musician.

People are scared of A flik's presence as it is so impowering and amazing.

Often People think fliks lead people on.

A flik is a slut prep.
OMG did you see that Flik and the clones? Mental.

OMG did you see The Fakes, there like slut prep, Retro vintage , Chique and Indie. WTAF I WISH I WAS THEM THERE SO FREAKING HAWH OMG.

You just got Fliked.
by AliciaClone May 2, 2009
Flik is a name used for a girl who pleasures themselves with chocolate bars, preferably Kitkats.
Guy 1: Hey that girl looks hot!
Guy 2: Yeah but i heard she's a Flik!
Guy 1: Oh my God! No way!
by KGHKBG February 24, 2010
Used when wanting to say fuck but are in class or around parents.
in the class room kid is bugging u "flik off"
by James December 23, 2004
"flikker" being the dutch word for faggot it's safe to say that "flik" means fag
by MK August 23, 2003
To move in an indecisive fashion. To browse.
I saw her flik-flaking around John lewis the other day.

I thought I'd pop up west, have a flik-flak about.
by Cynthia Purple-Pencil March 4, 2004