A Kimmi is the hottest of the hot!! Gorgeous inside and out. All the girls are so jealous of her. She’s got it all, including how smart she is. The most loyal friend/partner you will ever meet.
by Allupnya February 22, 2021
A beautiful flower with soft pedals. the reason they call roses by that name is because no one had come up with the name Kimmi yet.
I opened the door and a beautiful vase of many colored kimmis where there to great me with a note.
by Justagirllv October 10, 2011
A very sexy girl whom i love very much and bring her candy all the time
by dcdprox February 28, 2012
Kimmie is a hopeless romantic. She’s very friendly and social, so there are a lot of people who like her, but she only has eyes for one guy. Kimmie is sweet, nice, cute, and is someone that can be your shoulder to cry on, but also someone you can come to for tea and fun. Either way, if you land a Kimmie as a friend, you hit a home run.
Person A: Oh, I heard Kimmie has a new crush.

Person B: Kimmie? New crush? No way, man. Kimmie only likes one person.
by worldwidehandsome7 November 12, 2018
Kimmy is the most gorgeous girl alive! No joke! She has a wild personality (in a good way) if you know a Kimmy in your life go for her! She’s the most kind-hearted, incredible person you’ll probably ever meet! she’ll be shy at first but when you get to know her well she won’t be afraid to tell you stuff. Now, Kimmy is quite negative and insecure about herself so if you notice that please give her a helping hand :)
Person 1: wow who’s that?
Person 2: oh! That’s Kimmy
Person 1: she’s stunning
Person 2: ikr you should ask her out
Person 1: I’m on my way!
by Rosette I.K December 6, 2019
Someone who is seriously awesome. Has a huge heart. You can't help but love her. Always likes to meet new people. Very outgoing and helpful. Has too much energy all the time. Kind of embarrassing to be around.
I'm in love with a Kimmie!
by dollydiva September 30, 2009
Most amazing person u will ever meet.when u meet her she's shy but once u get to know her she is loud nd will get annoying sometimes. Someone u can trust with anything. She loves unicorns and rainbows. She's very smart and intelligent. Her love for animals is something u can't take away from her. Once she falls in love with someone she knows that the right guy. Doesn't care what other people think about her or say about her. But doesnt like people talking behind her back
That Is so kimmy of you
by Unicorn_lover July 24, 2014