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Character in the Suikoden series of games. Known as "Blue Lightning Flik", he is a roguish-looking man who wears a blue robe and bandanna, has spiky hair and wields a sword.

He's in love with Odessa who... well I won't spoil the story but suffice to say this motivates his role in the original Suikoden game. Assumed dead at the end, he reappears intact for Suikoden II - intact enough to be stalked by Nina the Greenhill student throughout most of the game...

He has a lightning rune and so can use lightning magic, hence his nickname.
Nina: Sir Flik! Where are you, Sir Flik?!

Flik: ..................
by Andy May 15, 2004
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An amazing person, Usually accompanied by a clone or another form of friend. Usually a dancer or musician.

People are scared of A flik's presence as it is so impowering and amazing.

Often People think fliks lead people on.

A flik is a slut prep.
OMG did you see that Flik and the clones? Mental.

OMG did you see The Fakes, there like slut prep, Retro vintage , Chique and Indie. WTAF I WISH I WAS THEM THERE SO FREAKING HAWH OMG.

You just got Fliked.
by AliciaClone May 02, 2009
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Flik is a name used for a girl who pleasures themselves with chocolate bars, preferably Kitkats.
Guy 1: Hey that girl looks hot!
Guy 2: Yeah but i heard she's a Flik!
Guy 1: Oh my God! No way!
by KGHKBG February 24, 2010
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Used when wanting to say fuck but are in class or around parents.
in the class room kid is bugging u "flik off"
by James December 23, 2004
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"flikker" being the dutch word for faggot it's safe to say that "flik" means fag
by MK August 23, 2003
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