What true, glorious, superior beings refer to themselves as, after reaching a higher level of existence. A patrician will often call people of lower existence "plebeians" or simply "plebs" for short.
Feels good to be a superior patrician.
by TheMostSuperior July 24, 2013
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what stuck up hipsters refer to themselves has on obscure websites you've probabaly never heard of. Alternatively they refer to anyone who does not belong to the elitist social group has plebs or plebians after the roman lower class
person one: whats your favourite track on in the aeroplane over the sea
person two: whats that
person one; get away from mine presence at once dirty pleb! oh what would the other patricians think if they saw me near you you dirty monkey!
person two: go to hell dumbass hipster
by HIPSTERSUCK August 29, 2012
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