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A mixture of anger and curiousity. Originally defined by Kyle Macdonald in his book when he traded down to a measly snowglobe in his "One Red Paperclip" campaign.

The ultimate aim was to trade up to a house. When Kyle traded from "one afternoon with Alice Cooper", (which was already a step down from "one year in Phoenix") to a stupid ass snowglobe, evidently, his fans were outraged. If they knew about his secret deal with Corbin Bernsen though, they wouldn't be so outraged at all.

Kyle observed a mixed range of emotions. The two key emotions that he observed were anger and curiousity.

Furiousity was born.
Holy shit dude! Did you hear? That stupid motherfucker Kyle Macdonald traded an afternoon with Alice Cooper to a fucking snowglobe! A SNOWGLOBE! What was he thinking? There is sure gonna be lot of furiousity!
by Mr. Noital March 23, 2009
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