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Farts Like A Man-- when a child or female farts like a grown man. Loud and stinky.
by Lkoaks August 06, 2016
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That was some flam shit you did, when you said you were friends with her, then you started talkiing about her when she left.
by hannerkinz July 17, 2009
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To 'no show' or to stand someone up, usually on purpose and without remorse.
Someone who flams frequently would be called a 'flammer'
Variation - to 'flamboozle'
"Andrew just called and said he can't come to the BBQ because his El Camino won't start...Yeah right! We know he's just sitting at home twiddling his skin flute... He is such a flammer!"
by LUXAPUSS March 17, 2006
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noun,verb, or adj.-to be fake or inconsistent, to say one thing yet do another.

deivatives- flammed, flamming, to flam, flamtastic
-slang- flammin
Bruh, that chick is such a flam sometimes! (noun)

Why must he be so flamtastic. (predicate nominative (noun))

He forgot to give you a ride again? Boi, he flammin. (verb)

Oh, here comes our flamtastic teammate himself. (adj)
by cartaboi January 09, 2011
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a drum rudement, normally an attack, in which both sicks hitt the drum head at off-set intervals.
John's drum fill included many flams.
by g spice February 08, 2004
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An acronym for Funny Like A Moose, often used online in AIM and IRC chats.
Oh em gee!!111one11!!eleven!!! THATS SO FUNNY !!11!! FLAM!
by kdepa August 26, 2006
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Fabulous and Glamorous put together makes the wonderful word, Flam
1. Oh my god, your hair is so flam today!
2. That girl's purse is like so freakin' flam!
3. Hey there cutie, your pretty flam
by Abigailea May 05, 2007
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