A college that is located in Miami
by Poodle March 17, 2005
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FIU or Florida International University, is a public research university in Miami, Florida. It is one of the largest universities in the United States, and is highly-ranked in many areas such as Business, Law and Architecture. Their athletic teams are named the "Golden Panthers", and play on many on-campus venues, such as FIU Stadium.
Kyle is originally from New York, but he moved to Miami to attend FIU.
by FIUpanther January 27, 2008
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In Tahitian language, it is an attitude synonymous expressing:
- Can't be fucked
- Can't be bothered
- Had enough

Notation is usually used when someone is annoyed, angry or tired from fatigue. Tahitian is a native language spoken in the country of the French Polynesia.
1. "Ah, trop travail. J'ai fiu!"
2. "Fiu! M'en fiche!"

1. "Ah, too much work. I had enough!"
2. "Fiu! I don't care!"
by flowright138 July 09, 2012
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A prestigious public university in the world's best city- Miami! FIU has one of the country's top 10 best business schools, and is well known for its programs in Law, Medicine, Architecture, and Business. Every semester there's a new building built on campus, because FIU never stops growing, and its rankings never stop rising. FIU is also the hardest school to get into in Florida with a 33% admissions rate for 2008.

FIU is located in America's best city- Miami, the world's sexiest city. The Golden Panthers football team plays at the on-campus stadium, FIU Stadium. GO PANTHERS!
UF student: Where do you go to school?
FIU student: FIU!
UF student: Whaaat?! NO WAY! You get to go to FIU, and be in Miami! I get to rot in redneck Gainesville, Florida. I'm transferring!
by miami_girl2 May 15, 2009
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1) A university located in Miami, Florida.

2) A school that can never get it's shit together

3) "Fuck it up" university, located in Miami, Floida.
Girl 1: Why are you taking ENC1101 for the third time?
Girl 2: Have you used Panthersoft lately? Thanks a lot, FIU.
by thejenniferreneé April 11, 2006
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