The specific action of writing or taking notes by writng or electronic device.
I can't talk on the phone right now cause I'm busy notating information on these loads Amanda is giving me. Notating taking notes
by Michael playah norris June 29, 2017
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In programming, a coding standard where all variables are tagged so you can tell their datatype by looking at the name. Microsoft likes hungarian notation, I do not. It is useful when naming GUI objects though.
nonhungarian notation:
int number;
string name;
double value;
hungarian notation
int nNumber;
string strName;
double dValue;
by Dahhak October 14, 2004
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Refers to the programming habit of naming variables so that the variable's intended use is clear from it's name.

The original hungarian notation was first described and used by Charles Simonyi, a hungarian programmer who worked for Microsoft.
Using hungarian notation, a variable called a_crszkvc30LastNameCol would imply a constant reference function argument, holding the contents of a database column of type VARCHAR(30) called LastName that was part of the table's primary key
by Praetexta August 22, 2007
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The act of taking notes on the stretched skin of your scrotum
Rick: Hey man got a sheet of paper?
Alex: Nah man, I take Scrotal Notations now, way easier
Rick: Oh...dude wtf?
by The Scroter November 28, 2013
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Dividing a single number by 10 then raise it to the power of how many numbers are behind it. Also known as complete and utter usless bullshit.
Math Teacher: "Wanna hear some utter bullshit?"

Student: "Wait, let me stop you right there. The answer is Scientific Notation."
by undead-ciela December 16, 2014
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Noticing any pretty woman of Latin American origin
Here you again, Charles, with your Bedrosian notation. Let it go
by ogo April 22, 2008
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the use of words such as "kewl" and shortening words like you and, are to u and, r due to extreme laziness.
trendy notation is pretty useless.
by Cpt. booya May 14, 2007
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