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Any college's reputation comes down to opinion, some opinions more qualified than others.

And I understand if current/past FIU students want to call this school 'prestigious' or 'excellent,' but
that's more a showing of school loyalty than any type of objectivity.

This school by virtually any sense is a safety school in Florida. It is that "I didn't get into any other four year universities so, ugh, I guess I will go here" type of school.

It has a better reputation than some of Florida's community colleges but it's hard to say anything more positive than that.

U.S. News Report is generally respected as the leading authority on how colleges measure up. I think that is the first source people consult when comparing universities and deciding where to apply or enroll.

These are the most recent U.S. News rankings of some recognizable national universities.

University of Florida Rank 42
University of Miami: Rank 46
Florida State: Rank 81
University of South Florida: Rank 140
University of Central Florida: Rank 171
Nova Southeastern: Rank 198
Florida A&M: Rank 207
Florida International University: Rank 216*

Although FIU ranks in last place among the listed schools, it is actually a marked improvement from not even making the list in years prior to 2018, and it has surpassed some community colleges.

However if you pay no mind to the leading assessor of college quality, then maybe you can be proud to go here, I don't know. Just my opinion anyway.
"Hey, you going to college next year?"

"Sort of, I only got into Florida International University."
by Larmer May 06, 2018
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FIU or Florida International University, is a public research university in Miami, Florida. It is one of the largest universities in the United States, and is highly-ranked in many areas such as Business, Law and Architecture. Their athletic teams are named the "Golden Panthers", and play on many on-campus venues, such as FIU Stadium, home of the Golden Panthers football team.
Kyle is originally from New York, but he moved to Miami to attend prestigious Florida International University.
by FIUpanther February 29, 2008
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