The sky was dark, the moon was high
All alone, just her and I
Her hair so soft, her legs so fine
I ran my fingers down her spine
I don't know how, I tried my best
I started placing my hands on her breasts
When I did it, I felt no shame
And all at once the white stuff came
At last I was finished, it's all over now
My first time ever,
At milking a COW !
I bet when you read this you thought I was going to make it a first time sex story. It's cute though huh?
by NikkiK May 16, 2006
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one's initial encounter with having sex. Every girl remembers the first guy who fucked her, every guy remembers the first girl whose boobs he touched, whose twat he fingered, who gave him his first hand job or handjob, who let him put his penis in her slit, who gave him his first blowjob or blow job, who sucked his balls
Nancii recalled her first time in great detail, it was with Greg.

Ron could remember every detail of his first time mounting Betty.
by Jake March 26, 2004
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One's automatic thought is one's initial sexual adventure. That thought is fair enough but there is a first time for everything. The first day you went to school, the first time you swam on your own or the first time you walked on your own. There are so many first times it is almost impossible to recall every one.
I took my girl friend to the cinema the first time she saw The Sound of Music. She has seen it at least twenty times since that occasion
by Criostoir Hulme October 19, 2005
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1. doing something for the first time, doing something new.
2.another way of saying "have sex for the first time".
1. it was my first time behind the wheel and i was scared.
2.they where both teens and they were in love. one night when he came back home from work to their appartment, she wasn't there. it was dark and he reached to turn the light on.
"don't turn them on... come here" said a sweet voice coming from the bedroom.
he went into the bedroom and saw her on the bed. she wasn't wearing anything and she looked hot!
"happy bday babe!" she said. "i love you"
she walked to him and wraped her arms around him. they began to kiss. she took his shirt off and he began walking torward the bed.they felt on it and positioned her body so it was in the middle of the bed, then climed on top of her.
"i love you to"he said and took off him pants.
she flipped them over, took off his boxers and began kissing him again. then she lowered her head and began giving him a blowjob. it felt so great that he couldn't hold it any more. he exploded into her mouth and she took it all in. he flipped them over again.
"i want you" he wispered and his pecis entered her vagina. she let out a loud gasp and he pulled out. his penis was coved in blood, he popped her cheery.
as he slid in and out of her he kissed her and caressed her body. by the time he was done with her, she was tired and happy. she then wraped his arms around her and felt asleep. it was their forst time.
by sexybeast1993 November 27, 2007
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Person 1: Hey do you have any movie recommendations my dude?

19532890494/10 MUST WATCH
by sechilds02 February 5, 2017
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It feels like the first time that we've fallen behind and.. we've faltered too far down, no one can save us.
by JinzoBlaze October 29, 2003
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harry styles once tweeted: “everyone has a titanic for the first time face” after the tour bus pictures were leaked. in conclusion, larry is real<3
everyone has a titanic for the first time face
by tpwkyoufookinloosah August 31, 2020
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