Fantasizing about a specific sex act with someone.
Speaker:Yea man, I been talking with her about using a ‘double ended dildo’, it’s the sexual adventure I’m working on.
Responder: Wow, wait, on her or with her?
Speaker: With her!? Yea you know I’m freak nasty.
by TJMANOFMONEY16 January 25, 2021
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someone who is willing to try new sexual acts
omg, beth is so sexually adventurous, she wanted to try some position i've never heard off!
by 1/16 Y, 1/16 N, 1/16 L,1/16 C December 11, 2017
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A person, who gives sexual pleasure to specified people in their path. They are open to most practices, with men or women (mostly specializing in women). If you meet one you should deifnitly give them a go as they will give you the time of your life, like you've never had before.
I met the most generous sexual adventurer last night, they performed the most orgasmic time I have ever had.
by rockmysocksoff February 7, 2010
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