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Audiovisual crack. Need more WHMs.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003

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Someting placed after a statement in advertising to say that the statement isn't true.

*only valid for 45 year old war veterens in El Paso.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003

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Severed head of a fish.

*cant play baseball
*dont wear sweaters
*not good dancers
*cant talk
*cant play drums
*Don't have to pay to get them in to movies.
*Never seen drinking capucchino in Italian resteraunts with oriental women.
Not frequently seen
Fish heads, fish heads
Rolly polly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
eat them up, yumm.

In the morning
laughing happy fish heads
in the eve-eh-ning
floating in the soup
by enjuneer November 07, 2003

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pronunciation: nay'd

Short for grenade. Can also be combined with adjectives to describe different types of grenades:

Smoke nade: Grenade that spews smoke when thrown, typically carried by covert ops for the purpose of concealing their movement.

Frag nade: The 'frag' can waither be taken as fragment (aka shrapnel) or frag as in kill. The frag nade is your typical grenade for the purpose of killing.

Flash nade: When thrown, this grenade gives off el muchos lightos, blinding the enemy. Some variations of the flash nade also make a loud bang to temporarily deafen the enemy.

Rifle nade (or riffnad): Grenade attatched to the end of a gun (typically a sniper rifle without a scope) that can be launched a short distance and explodes on, or shortly after, impact. A primitive grenade launcher.
Hurry up and throw a smoke nade so we don't get shot!
by enjuneer October 05, 2003

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It's gonna get you.
instant karma's gonna get you
gonna look you right in the face
better get yourself together, darlin'
by enjuneer December 24, 2003

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If you want some fun,
sing obladi-blada.
by enjuneer December 05, 2003

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Chinese farmer in Pear S. Buck's novel The Good Earth, written in 1931 before Wang was more than just a Chinese name.
"And at last Wang Lung said, 'Well, and I have come for a thing and if it is not your wish, let us talk of other things. But if you have need for a servant in your great grain market, there is my second son, and a sharp one he is, but if you have no need of him, let us talk of other things.'
Then the merchant said with great good humor, 'And so I have such need of a sharp young man, if he reads and writes.'
And Wang Lung answered proudly, 'My sons are both good scholars and they can each tell when a letter is wrongly written, and weather the wood or the water radical is right.'"

-The Good Earth, Chapter 25
by enjuneer November 08, 2003

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