Full Body Sensual Massage. A massage typically performed by a sex worker and typically wraps up with a "happy ending". Also referred as a rub and tug
What services does she offer? FBSM for only $80.
by Nessabelle February 6, 2018
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FULL BODY SENSUAL Massage. Great for busy guys who need a quality massage with a little extra stress release attention, or corporate executive who are both stressed and have no time to manage a actual relationship. This massage has healthy boundaries and does not include any "full service"
Omnitantra@gmail.com gives the most amazing FBSM sessions ever!
by Omnitantra February 8, 2021
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Full Body Sensual Massage. Typically ends in a happy ending
Ms. Jeniveve gives the best fbsm ever.
by blowjoe22 December 17, 2018
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First Student Baptist Ministry. A Christian outreach program for young people by First Baptist churches. Many locations wherever fundamentalist Christians congregate.
I saw this FBSM mobile unit in Texas and inquired about a massage. Instead I was asked to take the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior. What a disappointment.
by Agnostes the Great November 15, 2011
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Full Body Sensual Massage A body rub with oils, paying close attention to particular areas of the body, for maximum stress relief.
I was looking for fbsm, not a dance.
by lydia503 May 24, 2005
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Short hand for #sorelatable
Mike 1: I wanna fly a kite, this weather is so kite flyable! Mike 2: Thats so FBSM!
by Stuckforideas October 9, 2021
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