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side effect of the bourgeois fantasies of some latter day feminists who greet prostitution and pornography with universal, and therefore unmerited, green lights.

sex work is real obviously, and we shouldn't demonize the people who do it. but too many of the fools who are trying to normalize or celebrate it are writing about fantasy, not socio-economic reality.
"you wouldn't beleive emma's over-reaction when i said i saw a hooker strolling fifth avenue! she insisted i say sex worker instead."

"man, forget her. the girl is all theory and attitude and no street smarts."
by frere ubu January 08, 2008
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More neutral or sympathetic alternative to prostitute, whore. Frankly offering sex for money is seen as either a necessary or acceptable job, parallel to (say) factory work, and no stigma or sneer of contempt should be attached to its practitioners.
"Sex workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains (unless you are happy wearing them)"
by kofi May 12, 2003
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A slut who gets paid to fuck men who are single.
“Can you hear them moans?”
“Yes, the sex worker is living there”
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by imyourspyoflife June 17, 2018
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#sexworker is a Prostitute, Escort servicer, Mostly but not limited to; Younger women with little to no guidance in their life, usually have dady issues or lack there of. Characterised by cheap extensions nails did, short skirts and skimpy outfits. Can always spot a miniature purse as their" calling card".
"Look at that sex worker. " The correct terminology is working girl Bob.
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