Acronym: For congressmen and taxing authorities of the federal government.

Alliance of
Commandeerers of
Better make this a cash transaction otherwise the FATCATs in D.C. will take a chunk.
by Voxtorious April 08, 2009
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The simpilest definition is a girl with an extended clitoris who is posing to be a poser.
Amy: Oh my god. Look at her!
John: What about her?
Amy: Oh Gordon told me she is a Fat Cat
by Georgiodone November 30, 2010
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a man of and with and for the ladies, like a pimp or jiggalo A.K.A. PhatKat
Damn! With all them ladies, he's gotta be a fat cat
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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When someone follows a trend just because they think its cool
I hate that Gemma likes soccer just because the world cup is on at the moment, she is such a Fatcat
by litterbug39 October 07, 2012
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