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The best artist bar none. Maynard
combines a powerful lyrical set with
harmonicly chilling vocals. An amazing
example.... ?
by glaive December 27, 2003
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Lead singer of bands: Tool and A Perfect Circle. very talented, perhaps one of the best rock vocalists ever, and writes some really deep lyrics as well. While many complain that he doesnt appreciate his fans, he claims that he doesnt want to hear millions of people constantly praising his work because he thinks it will eventually make him and the band lazy and discontinue to produce the top quality music they do and slump down to being a mediocre band. but he is appreciative if you pay attention, if you ever goto concerts thats usually where he takes a little time to thank the fans. i went to one in New York and he stated, "sometimes we forget why we do this. theres so much bullshit in this business. so thank you for reminding us tonight why we do this"
by Dan January 14, 2005
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One of modern/progressive rocks most influential singer and songwriters.
Moving lyrics, belted or mourned,that shatter everything you were "made " to believe as a child. Open and heal.Open as grasp your life.
by Mikey- Lou May 14, 2004
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enigmatic, ethereal being whose voice resonates within the souls of the wounded
You will never be as good as Maynard James Keenan.
by Lauren April 12, 2004
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The best singer in Modern Rock today. He fronts the bands "Tool" and "A Perfect Circle". His lyrics are deep and thought provoking and his vocals are desperately chilling.
"I know the pieces fit, 'cause I watched them fall away"
by Diminishedtobe March 17, 2005
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The lead singer of the music bands, Tool and A Perfect Circle. Known to study and write his songs about or relating to his beliefs <i>Qabalah,</i> and he doesn't fall into the mainstream fake music of today and most music from the past. Maynard is real.
One of Maynard's songs, The Patient, number three on his latest Tool cd, Lateralus is basically about how he doesnt want people to just go to his concerts and buy his music and not know what your doing. He wants people to listen to his words and understand them, he doesnt feel he doing enough and may walk away...
by Heather April 07, 2004
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