(S. Afr.) VIP protection motorcade.

Blue light brigades consist of between five and twenty black SUVs with tinted windows and flashing blue lights, depending on the overinflation of the ego of the obnoxious fatcat contained therein.

Blue light brigades have been known to force honest taxpaying motorists off the road or even shoot at them. They don't stop a traffic lights, drive in emergency lanes and break every possible traffic law.

In South Africa, the proper road etiquette when encountering one is to drive into their lane and block them for as long as possible without endangering your own vehicle, hoot repeatedly and wind down your window to give them the finger. You should also politely request all your passengers to give them the finger too.
I almost got rammed by a blue light brigade the other day. There were 20 vehicles in it, so it must have been Jacob Zuma or someone. I blocked him for 15 seconds and gave him the finger though.
by George McBob May 7, 2009
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