Look, there's some FATCATS.
by DaMan November 6, 2003
Wealthy campaign contributors. It's an acronym for "Financially Able To Contribute A Tremendous Sum."
"The fatcats filtered their contributions through political action committees."
by Brooks Burford November 4, 2003
a girl that wears her pants really high and it pushes her crotch and wears a weave and talks like shes black
yo, that girl has a fatcat
by kwendyl fartfuss February 27, 2009
Any Corporate Big shot only interested in chasing personal wealth.
Any CEO of any Major Company.

"I hate those Fatcat's at (insert phone company)"
by thincat11 August 26, 2009
When on vacation and you do more getting fat than vacationing
When you are on a cruise on which food and alcohol is paid for and exercise is optional, you are on a fatcation
by Keller O August 13, 2011
Acronym: For congressmen and taxing authorities of the federal government.

Alliance of
Commandeerers of
Better make this a cash transaction otherwise the FATCATs in D.C. will take a chunk.
by Voxtorious April 8, 2009
A female with a very large print in her panties or crouch area.
"Yeah I like her with the fatcat right there!"
by Lo - Ski August 2, 2006