(n) - A Corporate Fatcat is a titan of industry. A Corporate Fatcat uses misleading and deceiving tactics and undertakings to grease their pockets and get their hand in the honey pot. Exotic vacations and exquisite dining are just a few perks of Fatcatting. They are everywhere.
The Corporate Fatcat was busy greasing his pockets and stirring the honey pot when he was approached by a tenured assembly worker. This man was hardworking and trustworthy; a rough and tumble blue collar Joe. Respectfully asking for a taste of the honey and perhaps a swab of the grease, the Corporate Fatcat merely grimaced with disdain and replied, "you leave the Fatcatting to me."

Leaving honeyless and greasless, the tenured assembly worker uttered, "God-Damn Corporate Fatcats."
by Joe Mantegna May 17, 2010
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