Family Affiliated Irish Mafia. An Irish-American street gang formed in west Contra Costa County by Coby Phillips in the mid-1990s. In the 2000s, FAIM operated one of the largest crystal methamphetamine distribution networks in the United States. FAIM is classified as a 'disruptive group' by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. FAIM members identify with tattoos of leprechauns and shamrocks.
Mattie Boy (rapping): I been to the State and I been to the pen...And for that right risk, man I'd do that shit again...Dockin' she straight, if it aint we comin' for ya...Screamin' CoCo County FAIM and we hit ya life for ya
by ZXY&ABC February 28, 2019
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Facebook AIM. A service referred to as Facebook chat that enables one to communicate with fellow Facebook buddies.
Judy: Hey I was talking to Brad last night on FAIM, and he told me I was hot.
Lola: He's probably lying. Guys always lie on FAIM.
by bweezy11 October 29, 2008
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An abbreviation for the Facebook Chat application. as in Facebook-AIM so in turn; FAIM
"Hey, I'll catch you later tonight on FAIM!"
by Arpen Jhaveri February 13, 2009
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A band that originates from the land of Vegemite and drop bears. The band consists of a leopard,(Sean the drummer), a bird(josh the singer), a regular good old bogan(Stevie piano man, and bass), and that dude from high school musical, Micheal Bono, guitar.
" who TF is The Faim"
by baconaxolotl October 9, 2018
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Faim means someone who is amazing funny and smart. He can be a very social and fun to hang around with. He has black hair with glistening brown eyes.
Can’t wait to see Faim today, we are going to have a blast
by the glashr November 16, 2018
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False fame. The false sense of notoriety and ego inflating self fellatio achieved by self published authors, terrorists, tweens with massive friend lists on social networking sites, and dipshits being milked for lulz. Basically anyone who flaunts their "fame" but doesn't have any money to show for it.
Jonathan Robin spent a small fortune over the last decade buying points at so he could advertise his work to other shitty poets. That guy is fucking faimous!
by Matthew Kastor May 15, 2013
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"Me and Kelly were faiming for 3 hours last night"
by junkeemonkee July 1, 2009
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