Although it is pronounced like 'F*ck you' it means something totally different.
'Fac eu' is a Romania word meaning "I'll do it".
-Hey step-bro! Don't fap by yourself. 'Fac eu'.
-Ooh, thats a very good idea step-sis.
by Look At That PussyCat May 20, 2020
The Fun Activities Committee or (FAC) is the group at every university in charge of activities including day and night drinking games and activities, athletic and recreational events, and raging. It is a hierarchical organization headed by a president, vice president and various other associates.
That party last night was sponsored by the Fun Activities Committee (FAC). I can't believe the president got those chicks to take their tops off!
by cr7zs May 19, 2010
"să fac spume dacă ştiu", ( usually typed as "sa fac spume daca stiu") is a romanian expression (slang) that people use when they don't know something. Recently, someone went viral on tiktok while they were tasting a dessert. When they asked their mom what it was, she responded with "să fac spume dacă ştiu". "să fac spume dacă ştiu" has become the name of the dessert (it's just pudding, if you're wondering) and everyone is crazy about it.
A: "Let's bake a cake"
B: "Let's make something even better. Let's make sa fac spume daca stiu"
by thebabyraccoon January 29, 2021
When someone roasts you so f****ng bad to the point where they have to say “FACS
Shaquishia stop looking like a burnt chicken nugget , HAHAHAHHA SHAQUISHIA YOU JUST GOT PUT IN A BIG FAT FACS HA