Friday After Class at the University of Iowa

A lot of colleges have "happy hour," but FAC is in a league of its own.

(pronounced F.A.C., not "fack")
"I went to FAC at SpoCo and played flippy cup."

"I FACed at DC's and played quarters."
by DTF at FAC August 30, 2009
"Mike left the bar with a big girl last night " "He only bangs FAC pussy!"
by Crackersdad April 12, 2018
Friday Afternoon Club. Bars have drink specials, possibly pool tourneys or music shows to celebrate the end of the work week.
"You want to go get a drink Friday after class?"

"Can't, I have to work FAC at the bar."
by Bartender Betty August 8, 2008
Damn bro, you got a FAC.
by poosucka September 1, 2020
Military acronym for Forward Air Controller. A forwar Air Controller flies over enemy targets in a light aircraft, usually propellor-driven, and marks the targets that the strike aircraft and at times ground artillery need to attack. With the advent of recent advances in sattelite reconnasaince and UAV technology, the Forward Air Controller has become a thing of the past
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
An acronym for the phrase "Fat Ass Cunt."
Person 1: Dude, Jayme is pissing everybody off.
Person 2: Grr.. Everybody hates that FAC.
by Bobby Rodriguez January 6, 2007