Damn bro, you got a FAC.
by poosucka September 1, 2020
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Friday After Class at the University of Iowa

A lot of colleges have "happy hour," but FAC is in a league of its own.

(pronounced F.A.C., not "fack")
"I went to FAC at SpoCo and played flippy cup."

"I FACed at DC's and played quarters."
by DTF at FAC August 30, 2009
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"Mike left the bar with a big girl last night " "He only bangs FAC pussy!"
by Crackersdad April 12, 2018
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Friday Afternoon Club. Bars have drink specials, possibly pool tourneys or music shows to celebrate the end of the work week.
"You want to go get a drink Friday after class?"

"Can't, I have to work FAC at the bar."
by Bartender Betty August 8, 2008
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An acronym for the phrase "Fat Ass Cunt."
Person 1: Dude, Jayme is pissing everybody off.
Person 2: Grr.. Everybody hates that FAC.
by Bobby Rodriguez January 6, 2007
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The FAC aka Furry Annihilation Chaos is a Hunting force for furries they hunt they kill and they Annihilate all furries doesn’t matter if your mean nice kind cute Warm horny Gay bisexual or anything else your still dead. The FAC collects theses power stones Called furstones they have the same powers as the Furrys the FAC kills and hunts there are many other stones but there is different ones need for something
The FAC also Has a rift In every location the Mother ship the Archives the Starship the Warzone the Freebird and the Tusken Warfare these rifts have a location Lock marker that can lock o to any location these rifts will help you get sent through the other side of the universe also the FAC has another company the MUC the MUC is far more advanced then the FAC but they are both equal the MUC is a task force to help shut and take down all porn going from normal to gay to even furry the MUC Stands for Motion Under Control and has control over anything and anyone the MUC also has its own droids the same as the FAC droids both the FAC and MUC droids are called FAC Droid Boxes and MUC Droid Boxes these Droids are command to Take down and/or Hunt furries and pornstars, the FAC Tusken Warfare is the Biggest Ship to ever exist it would be the size of 2000 Nonillion Googolplex Muiltverses and can stretch across many Solarverses the Tusken warfare has every single engine Ever made or stole by the MUC and FAC
The only reason The FAC and MUC shall Exist isn’t because they are haters to furries Its because the Rampant Infection Infecting All Movies, TV shows, Games, Popular Media and Cultural related things Anything furries can Get there Hand on to Make it terrible With some Weird shit And No We aren’t talking about all furries only the ones who think they can do whatever they want
by MK- October 22, 2023
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