When someone roasts you so f****ng bad to the point where they have to say “FACS
Shaquishia stop looking like a burnt chicken nugget , HAHAHAHHA SHAQUISHIA YOU JUST GOT PUT IN A BIG FAT FACS HA
a private school located in memphis tennessee where the children stink and the staff doesn’t do anything.
Student: “What school do you go to?”

Stinky: FACS, hbu?
Student: *walks away*
by uwuboohoo July 23, 2019
Fuck Auto Correct.

Who among us hasn't had a text obliterated due to autocorrect? It's embarrassing, frustrating, and damned annoying.
Hey babe there's tood in the oven. Seared Tina over rice. Happy anniversary.
Sorry!! Seared yuma! Tina! guma! Tuna. FAC.
by TriumphDMF March 2, 2014
Friday after class. Used at Iowa State University for those Fridays you immediately go to the bar after class ends.
by Hankypanky917849 March 25, 2022
When you are texting someone and are to lazy to type the extra letter, t, to say facts. Also, is like facts but not comepletely. It is to prove something without researching for proof. or something that you can not actually prove to someone but it is still a true statement
Andrew: bro, that sandwich was bombs
Jerry: how so?
Andrew: just facs right there bro
by that_one-person September 22, 2019
Yo, remember our night at the fac?

Of course bro, it was unforgettable 🔥
by August 22, 2022
bru fac u!1!1!1!1!
by fac u September 6, 2021