abrevaiation for 'funny as cancer'. used for when someones said something that was supposed to be funny but really isnt.
"why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side"
"mate thats fac"
by joejoejoejoejoe June 13, 2007
Known offence way to swear before your old enough to say fuck
Mom I didn't swear I got mad at my girl n told her to fac her self so fac off
by Level.n.r.e.i.c.all September 2, 2015
it's like fact, but realer.
random: bro attack on titan is so bad
me: fac
by omerboner February 19, 2022
Another word for fag. When said fast it sounds like "fag" but indeed you are not sayin fag you are saying "fac". If you are called a "fac" you probally did something really stupid in life and deserved it. It can also be used as a gretting when on the phone. Also the second word to Phant0m chief. His real name is Phant0m Fac.
*Ring Ring Ring
Chris- Hello
Vinny- Fac!
Chris- Fac!
Vinny- What the hell are you doing playing with your ass get on halo.
by ShonkaMan March 21, 2006
this is a term that stands for "fully aroused clit". a girl can use this word to describe her sexual state.
"that guy's jorts were so hott, it gave me fac!"
by christy r April 15, 2008
Hey dumbass, you know that omelette you're eating?


It's my morning breakfast.

Zomg, FACS!!

by Suijen March 31, 2006
Instead of saying fuck (or any other swear word for that matter)
Student #1: Did you finish the reading for Mr. Morris's class?
Student #2: No, fac! I was working on my essay all night!
by veggygirl June 5, 2009