They should make north I-94 a toll road so we can collect some money from those F.I.B's who come up here every summer and act like they own the place.
by Bulldog July 5, 2007
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Acronym for "Fucking Illinois Bastard" coined by Wisconsinites who are tired of seeing all their lame asses driving back and forth to Door County all summer.
Friend #1: "Do you know why there are no blow jobs in Chicago this weekend?"
Friend #2: "No, why?"
Friend #1: "Because all those cock suckers are in Door County."
Friend #2: "Funny. Yeah, eff those F.I.B.s"
by TDBuddah January 18, 2011
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F.I.B. term coined by the good people of Wisconsin as "Fucking Illinois Bastard" (or bitch, depending on the gender) to give to said drivers of that state should their shitty driving habits coincide with their state licence plate.

Because it takes an Illinois license plate and shitty reckless driving to be one. Imagined being nearly T-boned by one and then a month later, getting rear-ended by another, and you have to get a new car because of it (both on Stoney Island Ave). Another instance is that they're drunk or high and they flip a U-turn while speeding, only to crash into a building. Of course they aren't insured, because why would you have insurances?! Or they can just be a complete asshole and block you from changing lanes because they have nothing better to do! That's on top of the local Chicago dipshits that want to go 20+ miles over the speed limit. They're literally part of the reason why the song "I Hate Chicago" exists. It's always a race with these people. Speed cameras can't come soon enough. Corrupt cops don't even lay a finger most of the time because they're too busy with all the other crime and murders that goes on in the "wonderful" city of Chicago!

Behaviors like this define the term FIB. Wisconsinites may have coined the term, but any resident of any can adopt this term, including this Indiana resident that commutes to this hellish landscape 5 days a week. You don't want to be called a FIB? Then stop driving like one.
I rarely don't flip off a F.I.B. as they drive by.
by kitsuneikari August 5, 2022
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means "friends in bed"; another term for 'friend with benefits' or a nicer way of saying 'fuck buddy'.

friends who have a causal sexual relationship.
Soup is a most agreeable f.i.b.; he comes over, we fuck until we're both satisfied and then leaves.
by Sheila July 27, 2006
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Friendly Illinois Buddies. For crying out loud those FIBS aren't that bad. At least they know how to drive unlike the wisconsinites who drive like their freaking grandmas, stopping every minute to say hi to someone you know. We get it your friendly. Do you ever wonder why we drive so aggressively. Maybe it's because we have somewhere to be and because WE CAN. Get over it people from wisconsin, Illinois is the better state, better drivers, better pizza, but not better football GO PACK. Maybe you should drive faster eh?!
person 1: did you see that F.I.B over der
person2: Finally someone who knows how to drive
person 1: You're tellin me
by The only red school bus September 29, 2020
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Federally immune Bandits

Slang for ATF referring The controversial and unconstitutional practice of gun regulation and/or confiscation branding them bandits or thieves for infringing on American rights and confiscating guns And can’t be prosecuted nor punished for when they stepping out of line
Those F.I.B ain’t raiding my house without a fight
by OldDogg April 28, 2021
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Fucking Illinois Badass. Someone from the Chicago area, who is legitimately better than the rest of the people who are mostly hicks and white trash that live in the rest of the state. Generally more educated that the right wing racist fucks in southern Illinois and definitely less bigoted. All of Illinois is garbage outside of the Chicagoland area.
Look at that F.I.B. read. He's not welcome here in Decatur, where we fuck our sisters and hate coloreds.
by IkillProudboys August 22, 2021
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