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Have we not learned that all politicians are snakes by now. So A.P.A.S
by OldDogg November 15, 2020
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Derogatory, people or person who come from a different state that takes employment opportunities from local citizens and expects to be treated like royalty. Used commonly by Independent Americans
Those Damn state jumpers are ruining our state!!
by OldDogg June 5, 2019
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An illegal practice where scientists or people with scientific knowledge in secrecy conduct illicit and brutal experiments that violate both federal and state law, along with violating the Geneva convention’s regulations. Some participants are rumored to kidnap humans and steal pets and livestock in order to conduct their illegal experiments. So basically mad scientists of the modern day
Don’t go out after dark you might become the next victim to a participant of the science underground
by OldDogg November 13, 2021
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Shopping and spending day for those who get paid on a Wednesday
Got paid time for a good old fashioned retail Thursday
by OldDogg November 3, 2020
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A (typically young) hipster/Hippie who has politically become conservative due to becoming disillusioned to Liberal/Democratic viewpoints
I’m a hipster but I’m also now conservative guess that makes me a Hipservative.
by OldDogg October 29, 2020
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