Is two words.
Racist= a cliche word; that has been used so many times it has no power anymore. Considered taboo.
Fucks= a profane words describing sexual acts.
The racist fucks girls all night long and she loves it.
by Zachariah Aryan September 24, 2003
People racist against Racists are not Racists because Racists are not a race.
by Red Hot Chili Pepper September 9, 2003
fags, people who make fun of other races because they are jealous of them
Racist Fuck-"I am a nazi, I want to have ass sex with Hitler's carcus,everyone should die except the "so called" perfect race"

Everyone Else- "You are gay, go die."
by FUCK OFF May 12, 2003
People who are precieved to have an irrational dislike of a race, or races, other than their own.

**It should be noted that this phrase is used by people who hate "racist fucks" more than "racist fucks" actually hate the race(s) other than their own.
Tommy, who was a thoughtless drown, and went along with popular-opinion without thinking it through for himself, said, "Those Klan members are religious fundelmentalists and racist fucks."
by Racist Fuck July 21, 2003
"People racist against Racists are not Racists because Racists are not a race."

The term racist is incorrect because there is only one human race, but there are many ethnicities. If we were to hate, let's say, martians, then we would be "racists". Either way, those who hate racists have usaully never spent much or any time with them and label them all as "idiots". Hmmm, hypocritical isn't it?
Racist fucks is an ignorant term used by close minded intolerant biggots to label a racist.
by Elitist February 11, 2004
One who must insult racists because he is unsure whether he hates all but his race as well as the person he's insulting.

Denial is acceptance innit.
Oh wait, or is this kind of definition only allowed for homophobe?
by Elitist February 27, 2004