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A bargain made or done for present gain without regard for future cost or consequences.
A pact made with the Devil—selling one’s soul in order to gain power, knowledge, wealth, beauty, youth, or some other desired goal. The theme is an old one: one may gain short-term delights, but the Devil comes to collect in the end. One must eventually ‘pay the piper’ – bear the consequences.
by cai November 12, 2003
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term for somewhere very far (tri-state area)
aka "butt f*ck egypt" southeast US
aka "bu-fu" northern mid-west i.e. Chicago
"yeah, i have a 2 hour drive to pick this chick up, she lives in bumblefuck"
by cai November 13, 2003
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a remark one says when one has strong evidential proof of something and wants to rub it in another's face
jill: i saw you kissing my boyfriend
meg: no, you are wrong! I was having a threesome with him and your best friend, thankyouverymuch!
by cai November 13, 2003
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is Carissa Deloeste. a Scorpio who lives by her principles and respects people who honor their WORD. Loves music, reading, martial arts, star gazing, traveling and koalas. Loves deeply without measure, butcould also be unpredictable. Is someone as simple and yet as complex as her name. Someone who wants to make an impact on peoples lives.
by cai September 30, 2004
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means a ppl who name call lancelot
lancelot is an ah zo
by cai March 27, 2005
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to shake you cochey
gia was p-popinlike she was a strippa
by cai December 2, 2003
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an affirmative answer of a yes/no question; originating in Southern US shortened version of "yes, ma'am"
yessum, miss daisy i'll drive you to the store, yessum.
by cai November 12, 2003
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