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The legend of Dauruno. Dauruno is an imaginary country that features famous people, ancient legends like The Elto, and ancient dungeons with statues of the ancient legends and the legend stories.
P1: Last night I dreamt about going to Dauruno.
P2: Me too! I dreamt of seeing The Elto in Dauruno.
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 15, 2021
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What happens to a man when he thinks about hot girls
Man: 8=====================================================================>
Really hot girl: Wow that's a huge erection!
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 15, 2021
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When star replaced by a U, the worst word ever.
To have sex.
Relating to sex.
AS F*CK: really high degree of something.
F*CKING: Same as AS F*CK.
F*CK YOU: Said as a curse to someone.
F*CKER: Used as an offensive name to call someone.
What one says when he/she is astonished.
Michael: F*ck is the worst word ever!
Joanna: Then f*ck me!
Jake: How was your f*ck?
Michael: It was f*cking good as f*ck!
Jake: F*ck you, f*cker.
by URB4N D1C710N4RY March 31, 2021
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F*cks are how much you care about something. If you care so much about getting a nice car, then you give 1000 f*cks about it. If you don't care about getting a fancy car, no f*cks are given.
Sam: How many f*cks do you give about getting a mansion?
Jake: 87000.
Michael: 0.
Sam and Jake: NO F*CKS GIVEN??!!
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 20, 2021
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What vaccinated people don't have to wear anymore. What the f*ck? The CDC is now killing people??!! PROTEST! PROTEST THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD STILL WEAR MASKS! Protest or suffer the end of the world. This is God's will, but we have to try our own best to stay safe.
CDC: no mask required for vaccinated people
Protestors: But the cases are rising up! Do you want to end the friggin world or what??!!
by URB4N D1C710N4RY May 17, 2021
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Teacher: (10.5 x 9) + 5.5
Smart student: 100!
Dumb student: umm...
Diplomathic question
by URB4N D1C710N4RY May 20, 2021
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